Tuesday’s post-Presidents Day news

Who knew it was so big? Apart from Americans, of course.

Doctor Who

  • Lots of spoilers from David Tennant, including confirmation of series four. He also talks about Recovery. Girls Aloud were going to be in Doctor Who? Hmm…


  • Seriously? We needed a Saw 4?
  • Maggie Grace joins Liam Neeson and Holly Valance for Taken.


  • The Jam to reform without Paul Weller? Sacrilege!

British TV

  • John Simm talks to The Times about Life on Mars. “That Doctor Who Rumour” is mentioned in passing, but nothing is added.
  • ITV has cancelled CD:UK‘s replacement because it couldn’t find a sponsor.


  • An interview with Joss Whedon about directing The Office.
  • Former Lostie Michelle Rodriguez gives her side of the DUI story, if you can decipher it.
  • A long interview with Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond from Lost. He wears high heels and puts on women’s clothing? He’ll be cutting down trees next.