Another Doctor Who movie, but with Billie Piper?

More a talking point really since the news comes from the Daily Lies (sorry Daily Star), but the Lies has it that there’s now a Doctor Who movie being planned that will feature Billie Piper. Since the Star web site is arse, here’s the story, loving copied and pasted from somewhere else:


Sexy Billie in back for Doctor blockbuster

Smash telly hit Dr Who is set to become a megabucks movie…and bring back sexy sidekick Billie Piper. Insiders say the flick will reunite assistant Rose Tyler with hunky time traveller David Tennant.

Producers came up with the idea after the BBC admitted the £10 million budget doesn’t stretch to lavish sets for alien planets or even distant destinations on earth.

But after flogging the series to America they’d be able to raise hundreds of millions to make an all action film.

And the first star they want on board is Billie, 24, as feisty Rose – heart-breakingly seperated from 35 year old David in the last series and trapped in a parallel universe.

She’s been replaced by student Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman, 27, for the third run which starts next year. A source says “There’s been so much interest in Doctor Who since the show was sold to America that a film is a natural progression.

”Top of our list is to get Billie on board – not only was she amazingly popular but it would be really exciting to get her back with the Doc“.

Writer Russell T Davies, 43, has confessed ”People say why doesn’t the Doctor visit alien planets more often? The answer is quite simply – they’re hugely expensive“

A 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie starring Paul McGann, 46, was a box office flop

Hmm. A TV movie was a box office flop? How does that work?

Anyway, since rocket cars and perpetual motion are more likely than this story, let’s turn the question round to: even if it were true, would you like it or want to watch it? And would it be any good?

Answers below…


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