Monday morning day-off news

Comic Doctor

You’d never guess I wasn’t supposed to be working today, would you? Must. Work. Harder…

Doctor Who


  • Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse will be two separate movies in the UK. The first part will be out on September 21st
  • Iron Man will have both the original grey and the more famous red and gold suits
  • Frost-Nixon is being made into a movie with Frank Langella as Nixon. Will Michael Sheen get to be Frost again?
  • Ridley Scott to direct revisionist Robin Hood film Nottingham, with Russell Crowe as the brave and good Sheriff
  • Daniel Craig doesn’t like having his bottom snapped, allegedly
  • Darren Aronofsky wants to make a film about Noah
  • Gordon Ramsay: the movie?
  • Old Clive Owen mini-series Second Sight to be adapted


British TV

  • Freesat’s been given the all-clear by the BBC Trust. Good news: it’ll be futureproof
  • Richard Herring talks about his new sitcom


  • New characters for Adult Swim
  • Conan O’Brien blames NBC for the demise of Andy Barker, PI
  • Studio 60‘s coming back on May 24 in the current ER slot
  • Whatever happened to Masters of Science Fiction?
  • The UK’s Man Stroke Woman to be remade by and with Sean Hayes