He may love Doctor Who, but he’s clearly never watched Sex and the City

Sex And The CitySex and the City. Write it like Sex and the City. Imagine it’s Samantha and Carrie arguing over a man.” Those, according to last night’s Doctor Who Confidential, were the instructions given to Toby Whithouse, the writer of last night’s episode of Doctor Who, by executive producer Russell T Davies on how to write Rose and Sarah Jane’s scenes together.

And thus is exposed the lie of another stereotype about gay men: that they all love Sex and the City. Here we have evidence of at least one that’s not really watched it at all.

RTD: you may love Doctor Who, but I have to tell you now, you clearly don’t understand Sex and the City.

I have through a process of osmosis, watched every single episode of the show and I’ve even been made to go on the Sex and the City tour in New York (which is really bad, so don’t go on it. The coach turned up three hours late for starters…), so I can tell you authoritatively that Samantha and Carrie would never fight over a man. Even in the pilot episode when they’re both after Big, there’s no fight. Sorry.

That could all have gone pear-shaped if Toby had followed your instructions.