The IT Crowd is actually funny. Amazing.

I’m flabbergasted. I’ve just downloaded and watched the first episode of The IT Crowd from the Channel 4 web site. It was funny. I laughed. Out loud.

Ignore the nay-sayers who’ve complained about stereotypes and laughter tracks, The IT Crowd is a traditional, studio sitcom in the same vein as Father Ted, and potentially as funny. It’s The Office but relying on observational and silly comedy instead of cringe comedy. Make a date for it in your diary.

PS If you’ve ever used the slideshow feature in iPhoto, you’ll practically wet yourself during the end credits.

  • I’ve heard from various sources now that it’s funny, but I can’t get over how awfully dated it looks on the ads – like Drop The Dead Donkey or something. Spaced and The Office changed a lot and it’s going to be weird watching a sitcom that looks like this again.

  • I know what you mean. But I think Channel 4 got bitten by Nathan Barley et al, in terms of what they’re willing to spend on sitcoms. Naturalistic filming is expensive. Studio sitcoms are far less expensive.
    It’s amazing, though, how quickly you can suspend your disbelief to cope with a studio sitcom again. All you have to do is listen to Ray’s Irish accent and think “Father Ted” three times and you’re sorted.