Review: Angela’s Eyes

Angela's Eyes

In the US: Lifetime TV, Sundays 10pm ET/PT

In the UK: Please God. Don’t let them buy it.

I can’t remember the last time I switched off a TV programme within the first minute. I’m not talking about when channel surfing. I’m talking about sitting down to watch something, turning it on, then realising it was so incredibly awful, so amazingly badly written that I couldn’t stomach any more of the show.

Hell, I sat through the first episode of Blade. I made it all the way through an episode of Ultimate Force. But I just couldn’t get through more than a minute of Angela’s Eyes.

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Review: Eureka


In the US: Tuesdays, 9/8c, The Sci Fi Channel

In the UK: Acquired by Sky One, for airing this Summer

Small towns have lots of secrets. Think Blue Velvet. Think Northern Exposure. Think Hidden Palms.

Okay, don’t think Hidden Palms.

There’s even a new series coming up called Secrets of a Small Town that I’ll be reviewing this week.

Eureka has a big secret. It’s a town inhabited almost entirely by scientists, all doing research on crazy, crazy inventions. Just about anything important that’s been invented since World War Two (which is when Truman set up the town at Einstein’s instigation) came out of Eureka’s labs.

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Odeon boycott extended

I was just boycotting the Odeon Greenwich’s Galley, but a couple of things have extended my boycott to the entire establishment.

  1. My brother-in-law actually wrote to complain about what happened to us with the Gallery. He never got a reply.
  2. The next time he went to the Odeon – and let’s not forget what the temperature’s like outside – he ordered some Pepsi. They gave it to him without ice. He pointed that out. The serving guy shrugged his shoulders, as though somehow ice was a luxury to be given out at his discretion, and bro-in-law had offended his Royal Highness in some way.

Odeon, you charge roughly three diamonds plus a pot of gold, frankincense and myrrh for your medium-sized Pepsis: you can afford to give the ice (frozen water!) away as part of that.

It’s all a bit trivial, I know. But they’ve annoyed me now.

Stripping companion?

It’s the Daily Star so this particular little rumour probably has about as much truth to it as something you’d find written on the wall in a pub toilet, but Saturday’s edition (no web link, sorry) claimed:

Doctor Who’s new sidekick Freema Agyeman will strip to sex up doc.

Not sure what “sex up doc” means in this context.