How to fight off Who deprivation

ShadaWith no new David Tennant Doctor Who stories to watch until the Christmas Special, you could do worse than tune in to listen to Paul McGann’s Doctor on BBC 7 this Sunday at 6pm.

This repeat run begins with the six-part Shada, which also features both Romana and K9 in a script originally written by Douglas Adams for Tom Baker. Following that, it will continue with McGann’s first audio season for Big Finish.

The Beeb are going to be doing an episode a week (so it’ll last until the middle of next century, I reckon), but half an hour or so of Who every seven days should be enough to keep you going until Christmas.


Preview: Shark

James Woods and Jeri Ryan in Shark

In the US: Thursday, 10 pm, CBS. Begins in the fall.

In the UK: Acquired by Five, with UKTV picking up basic pay rights

Opening summary

There’s nothing quite like a successful show on another network to make US television execs wonder how exactly they can have some of that ratings goodness, too.

Look at House. It was a surprise success for Fox that took everyone by surprise. CBS seems to have taken one look at it and said to themselves, “Hey, we should do a show like that, except not about doctors or else we’ll get our asses sued.”

As ever, though, the carbon copy is always a pale imitation of the original.

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Hugh Laurie gets a pay rise

Hugh Laurie in HouseYou have to love it when a Brit does well in Hollywood. House MD‘s Hugh Laurie – everyone’s favourite grumpy, Sherlock Holmes-inspired doctor – has just had his pay per episode tripled to between $275,000 and $300,000. Hoorah!

Turns out that Fox has realised that the only reason anyone watches the show is because of Laurie. So understandably, given it’s a ratings smash in the US, they’d like to make sure he doesn’t quit so he can come back to the UK and appear in a drama about life under Thatcher in the 80s or something.

Can’t see him getting that kind of cash from the Beeb, can you, and it should make up for not getting an Emmy nomination this time around, as well.