Sendit’s Classic British TV DVD sale now on

I’ve just noticed that has a whole vat load of classic British TV on DVD at dirt cheap prices. Worth browsing through if you want some bargains.


Another new general knowledge and comedy show

Ooh. This one’s from Princess Productions, which makes The Friday Night Project. Can you spot what demographic Channel 4 really is keen on these days?


Do You Know Your Blair From Your Blur? We’re looking for funky people to be part of our studio audience for the Channel 4 entertainment quiz show where pop culture meets posh culture.

So, if you know your Paxman from your Pac-Man, join our gorgeous host, TRL’s Dave Berry, and you might get yourself on TV!

We are looking for enthusiastic audience members to join us for an evening of fun at Princess Productions, Unit 316, 3rd Floor Whiteley’s Centre, 151 Queensway, London W2 4SB .

Choose from these dates: afternoons or evenings on Tuesday 15th August then every weekday from Monday 21st August to Friday 1st Sepetmber 2006.

If you would like to join us for this event, then do apply now for tickets by calling 020 8684 3333


Review: Time Trumpet

Time Trumpet

In the UK: Thursdays, BBC2, 10pm

I had high-ish hopes for this. It comes from the House of Armando Iannucci for one thing. It satirises modern news and televisual trends by pretending to look back on them from the perspective of 2031. It could have been The Day Today of our day.

But it wasn’t. It was kind of funny. It was clever. It made you wonder just how much time they’d spent trawling through the archives for clips they could doctor with CGI. But it wasn’t the side-splittingly funny show I was hoping for.

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EyeTV for DTT stick

I’ve just bought myself one of these (click on it to see it bigger): EyeTV DTT stick

It’s an EyeTV DTT ‘stick’ which allows you to watch FreeView on your Mac. You just plug it in a USB port, attach an aerial (tiny portable one supplied) and tune it in. You can then schedule your Mac to record the programs to your hard drive, just like Sky+. You can also pause live TV, etc.

Seems pretty cool so far and I’ve already set it to record a few programmes using the EPG. I’m using the portable aerial at the moment, and while it’s pretty good, I can’t get ITV (any channel) or Channel 4. So I’m going to buy myself a cable to plug it into a nearby aerial socket.

I’ll let you know how it works out.


Preview: The Knights of Prosperity

The Knights of Prosperity

In the US: ABC, Wednesdays, 8pm. Starting January 3rd.

In the UK: Not yet acquired, and I suspect never will be

Knights of Prosperity? Dumb name for a show, huh. Very dumb given the previous name of the show was Let’s Rob Mick Jagger.

Now that’s a name I can work with. After all, it’s almost impossible to look at Mick Jagger and to avoid thinking, “You know, I’d really like to rob him.”

But Knights of Prosperity? It means nothing. As a result, I’m predicting a great big floparoo.

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