Pot Noodle advert racist?

The latest series of Pot Noodle adverts have received 37 complaints, saying they’re racist towards the Welsh. Not sure you can actually be racist to the Welsh (Jingoist? Xenophobic? Nationist?), them not actually being a separate race and all, but the complaints are in, all the same.

I’m in two minds, myself. Can you oppress and stereotype a group of people as miners?

“Look at yous. You’re all a bunch of miners.”

Not really that upsetting, is it? It’s up there in the insult stakes with Nick Hancock’s put-down of Londoners: “Oh, go and sell some fruit and veg.”

But, as in all things, it’s the feelings of those on the receiving end that count more, and so far the reaction from the Welsh has mostly been, “Quite funny, really”, so it looks like the complaints are for nothing.

Philip MadocAnyway, I can forgive the ad most things, since it’s voiced by Philip Madoc, one of the best actors who’s ever lived and the Welshest Welshman alive. They’re aren’t many people that can star in their own hard-hitting crime drama, A Mind to Killl (aka Heliwr), shoot two versions of every episode simultaneously – one in Welsh and one in English – and be fantastic in both.

All the same, here’s the Pot Noodle advert, so you can make up your own mind (hopefully, not to kill).


FX considering some odd shows

US male-oriented network FX is considering some odd shows for its new season. We have Courtney Cox as the editor-in-chief of two celebrity tabloids in Dirt. Sounds a bit like Just Shoot Me played straight, although Ian Hart as a schizophrenic photographer? What’s going on there?

Weirder still is Lowlife, starring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard as a pair of married con artists. It’s a mesmerising concept, but I’m not sure if it has potential either to be picked up or to be good. Two British, not very hard leads in an FX show? Maybe not.

Ian Fleming’s BS continued

Stu and I were having a nice little chat about Ian Fleming’s capacity for BS, back on my earlier laugh at the psychology in The Man with the Golden Gun. Stu you are so right. Fleming was the king of BS.

I’m working my way through Goldfinger now, having previously only thumbed through it a couple of times in a book shop, and came to this cracking piece of martial arts BS. The Korean Oddjob, Goldfinger’s chauffeur, has just smacked his way through some oak bannisters on a staircase as a demo of his fighting power.

Bond: I was very impressed by that chauffeur of yours. Where did he learn that fantastic combat stuff? Where did it come from? Is that what the Koreans use?

Goldfinger: Have you ever heard of karate? No? Well that man is one of the three men in the world that have achieved the black belt in karate. Karate is a branch of judo… Karate is based on the theory that the human body has five striking surfaces and 37 vulnerable spots…

Wow. That man can really tell porkies. I’m in awe.

A celebrity deficit?

So I’m walking down Harrow-on-the-Hill high street when I spy a great big picture of Paris Hilton. Or is it Chantelle? Or is it Paris Hilton? Or is Chantelle?
My thought processes continue in this binary fashion for a while, before I realise I have absolutely no idea which it is.
What’s more worrying?

  1. That I can’t tell the difference
  2. That I should care about this
  3. That there is apparently such a shortage of celebrities that we’re having to clone existing ones to make up the numbers?

Learn to be an editor for free

If you’re in ‘the biz’ or you just happen to have a day or two free around the 20th, Broadcast Live looks like it could be interesting, if only because they’re offering some free training sessions. Fancy being an editor or a camera-person? Now’s you chance to learn some of the basics.

Anyway, register now and you’ll avoid having to paid £20 on the door. Sounds good to me. Hell, I might even take an actual day off work for that one. Oh. To do more work. That’s not good planning, is it? What’s the number for Workaholics Anonymous?