Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #57, Justice League #10, Justice League Dark #4

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Work womped Weekly Wonder Woman last week, so time to play a slight bit of catch-up with both the news and reviews.

Film news

The release date of Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back seven months to June 5 2020, taking the summer slot from Mark Wahlberg’s The Six Billion Dollar Man. Not directing it is Zack Snyder, who not only originally had plans for three Justice League movies but is now releasing his storyboards for them as web comics.

Comics news

  • Apparently, for some reason best known to DC, there’s now not one but three writing teams for Wonder Woman and they’re writing… competitively.
  • Justice League Giant #4 is out exclusively at Walmart and features a Wonder Woman story set in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • No sooner than we have a run of digital comics to commemorate his death, than nu52 Superman pops up in Sideways #9. I wonder if he’ll make it as far as Wonder Woman…

Comic reviews

Justice League #10

Justice League #10

‘The Drowned Earth’ crossover series has just started over in Justice League #10. Cheetah, you may recall, killed Poseidon (yes, that one) a few issues ago and Diana and Aquaman have gone hunting for the apparently missing god with the help of some ships in bottles:

Hunting for Poseidon

Aquaman then tells a story of some war in which Atlantis ended up summoning sea gods from across the universe to help (turns out Poseidon wasn’t/isn’t just the god of Earth’s seas, he’s the entire galaxy’s god of the seas). However, they (or at least Aquaman) end up zooming across space to meet these space sea gods, who turn out to be less than friendly:

Sea gods

So they end up invading the Earth, drowning it and turning everyone into sea creatures. Oh well.

Drowned Earth

It’s all very prettily drawn and as imaginative as usual. It’s also very silly. Still, at least Wonder Woman gets to be in it for a change.

Writing: 2/7
Artwork: 4/7

WW #57

Justice League Dark #4/Wonder Woman #57

Over in the main Wonder Woman titles, we’re carrying on with the Hekate storyline that began in Justice League Dark #1. (Although, apparently, there are a lot of Hekates about at the moment.)

In Justice League Dark #4, Diana heads over to Nanda Parbat where Rama Kushna is having a barney with Hekate and her minions, although one of said minions is currently down in South America, trying to destroy the Parliament of Trees. That can’t be good.

Unfortunately for Diana, who tried to use Hekate’s own power to fight her, Hekate manages to take her over instead, which leads to everyone having to fight Diana in Wonder Woman #57. Except it’s not really Diana, as Diana’s on the moon, talking to a dead witch.

Diana on the Moon

Which prompts John Constantine to try to exorcise her. Unfortunately for him, that was possibly a bad move:

It’s actually quite nicely done. We do get some interesting discussions of magic and Diana’s religion:

We also learn that John Constantine’s got cancer again:

All in all, a decent balance of excitement, character work, excitement and BIG ideas. It’s a bit of a shame that Diana’s confined to being possessed and chatty, as per usual, but at least she gets to be in her comics, hey?

Writing: 5/7
Artwork: 5/7