Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #42, Trinity #19

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Movie news

Justice League is out on DVD/Blu-Ray/4K this week. I’ve reviewed that elsewhere, and since there are only a few extras and nothing much by way of extra footage with the release, I won’t bother saying much more than that.

The other bit of news is that Kristen Wiig has now been confirmed as playing Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. But we talked about that a bit last week, so I won’t bother saying much more than that.

TV news

The best known of the TV Wonder Women – go on readers, name all the others… now! – Lynda Carter is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 3rd. That’ll be at 6562 Hollywood Blvd, if you plan on going down there to watch or even just see the star once it’s in place. Guest speakers are Patty Jenkins (you know who she is) and Les Moonves. Moonves (you probably don’t know who he is) is the current head of CBS, which was the network that picked up the show in the 70s after ABC cancelled it – maybe he can say something about the sexual harassment that was going on on-set at the time

Comic reviews

Only a couple of appearances by our Diana this week. In Wonder Woman #42, Diana faces Grail again and her brother shows up with some nice new duds. Meanwhile, in Trinity #19, the Trinity have a great big battle and return to the outside world, ready for a new quest.

Yawn. Why am I yawning? Oh yes – James Robinson wrote them both.

Wonder Woman #42

Wonder Woman #42


Jason finds Diana. He’s got a new super suit. Then he tells her how about he met Grail. Then they find Grail and have a fight with her. Diana lassos her and finds out Darkseid’s plan to get to Themyscira. Then she escapes. Then Darkseid decides to attack ARGUS instead.

Is it any good?

I’m beginning to get the impression that Robinson not only doesn’t like writing for Diana, he thinks she’s a bit sh*t. So first of all we have a huge sequence in which Jason her tedious twin brother turns up in a shiny new suit. He doesn’t remember where he got it from but it seems to power him up a bit. He also feels like it’s a gift given in love by giants…

A gift of giants

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest maybe Diana’s ‘patrons’ (maybe including either Aphrodite or Zeus) have given the suit to Jason. What do you think?

Which is all well and good. For a second, it felt like Robinson might have something interesting in mind for this issue. But then we get Diana and Jason flying off, Jason suggesting that he can now fly faster than Diana.


But maybe we can let that sleight against Diana pass and put it down to the armour. Gifts from the gods n’all. Except then Robinson can’t help himself and decides to spend the next few pages on both Jason and, via yet another flashback, some characters from 1970s comics – the Deep Six. Again. Has the man no self-control?

Robinson then gets back to the present day and sets Grail and Diana against each other. For a change, Diana wins using something approaching a battle strategy, too, and trusses up Grail, forcing her into a lengthy, badly written dialogue scene. Again, the man can’t help himself.

Battle strategy

Grail tells all

And then Grail manages to escape the Lasso of Truth.

Grail defeats the Lasso

It seems like not only is Diana the only character in her own title who doesn’t get to have new powers and abilities every issue, she’s also going to have her existing ones downgraded. She’s also getting to spend increasingly less time in her own title and when she does appear, it’s playing second fiddle to a male character.

Seriously, DC, did you not look at what Box Office Wonder Woman did last year? What are you doing?

Rating: 2/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Trinity #19

Trinity #19


The Trinity get rejuvenated by a sorceress then have a big fight with the bad guys outside the castle. Then they return home where they’re interrogated/debriefed by Steve Trevor… except it’s not Steve Trevor, it’s Deimos the sorcerer!

Is it any good?

It’s better than Wonder Woman #42 at least. Notably, Robinson seems to have taken on board the fact that Diana is borderline immortal compared to her comrades:

Immortal Diana

It turns out that Diana was depowered by magic after all, so I take back what I untook back last time.

There are also a few words of respect from the other members of the Trinity for our Diana, once she starts to demonstrate her prowess on the battlefield.

A warrior Wonderful

But despite that, we have the idea that Diana the Amazon is first and foremost a lover of all out war. We also have the idea that when she’s not depowered – i.e. when she has her super-speed, super-strength, flight etc again – she finds an unpowered army a somewhat challenging proposition to deal with.

DC – watch Wonder Woman, FFS. Really, I’m almost begging you now.

On top of that, we have the usual dreadful dialogue, everyone explaining everything in lengthy monologues, etc, etc. Still, at least next issue is all about the quest for Steve Trevor. What could go wrong there?

Rating: 3/7 (Artwork: 5/7)


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