Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #37, Trinity #17, Batman #39, Wonder Woman/Conan #5

Filming Justice League

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including which alternative reality she’s in this week

Everyone’s starting to get back into the swing of things, now the New Year hangovers have passed, so the news is a little fuller this week.

Film news

Assuming you weren’t too traumatised by having seen it in the cinema, Justice League is now available to pre-order on Blu-Ray/DVD/download/microfiche/oil painting/tortoise. Due out next month in the US at least, the superset of promised features is:

  • Road to Justice
    Journey alongside DC comic creators as they explore over fifty years of the Justice League, from comic books to animated adventures to their cinematic debut.
  • Heart of Justice
    Discover the heart, soul and mind of the Justice League, as the cast and filmmakers share their admiration for DC’s iconic Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.
  • Technology of the Justice League
    From Batman’s arsenal to Cyborg’s alien tech, interface with the Justice League database to learn their most advanced secrets.
  • Justice League: The New Heroes
    Join Ray Fisher on a personal tour to meet the newest members of the Justice League: Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg.
  • The Return of Superman
  • Bonus scenes not seen in cinemas
  • Steppenwolf the Conqueror
    Join actor Ciarán Hinds and the filmmakers as they reveal the story behind mankind’s ancient enemy and the Justice League’s greatest challenge.
  • Scene Studies: Revisiting the Amazons
    Take a closer look at the filmmaking process behind Justice League’s most visually exciting and action-packed sequences
  • Scene Studies: Wonder Woman’s Rescue
    Take a closer look at the filmmaking process behind Justice League’s most visually exciting and action-packed sequences
  • Scene Studies: Heroes Park
    Take a closer look at the filmmaking process behind Justice League’s most visually exciting and action-packed sequences
  • Scene Studies: The Tunnel Battle
    Take a closer look at the filmmaking process behind Justice League’s most visually exciting and action-packed sequences
  • Suit Up: The Look of the League
    Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson explores the innovation and artistry that goes into creating the costumes of DC’s iconic heroes.

As you can see, quite a lot of special features involving Wonder Woman and the Amazons, which is nice. No word on how many or what the deleted scenes are, but it’s probably not an entire Zac Snyder cut, so don’t set your hopes too high, fanboys.

Although no Oscar yet, Wonder Woman is up for a Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship Motion Picture Award. Nope, never heard of them before, either.

Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are forming some kind of double act, it seems. As well as being interviewed together, they’re now doing charades on The Tonight Show:

Comics news

Not much really in terms of actual comics news. But nu52 Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello is off designing taps for pubs now. No, really, he is.

Comics reviews

Diana made no fewer than four appearances in comic books this week. In Justice League #37, Diana goes on TV. Again. Meanwhile, in Trinity #17, she (and one or more male pals) ends up powerless in an alternative universe last seen in an old comic and has to do a lot of fighting. Simultaneously, over in Batman #39, she (and one or more male pals) ends up powerless in an alternative universe last seen in an old comic and has to do a lot of fighting. And over in Wonder Woman/Conan #5, we finally learn if Diana and Yanna are the same woman.

Justice League #37

Justice League #37

What does Diana do?

To lure out ‘the Fan’, Diana goes on TV posing as ‘Regina Cole’, defence attorney. It does the trick, but he gets away while everyone’s working out what to do with him.

Regina Cole


What to do with him?

He escapes

Shame Diana doesn’t have access to Transformation Island any more, isn’t it?

Extra notes

Quite a fun issue, even though Diana doesn’t have a lot to do.

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Trinity #17

Trinity #17


Diana asks the rest of the Trinity to help her look for Paradise Island, but instead, they get sucked into a different plane of existence where everyone’s powerless… and under attack by lizard men. Worse still, Diana is blind! But that’s no worse for her now than it was in Volume 2 and she even knows where they might be…

Diana knows things

Turns out they’re actually on Skartaris, which as long-term DC readers will know, is run by Doug McClurea former US air force pilot now calling himself Warlord.


Extra notes

Nope, I’d never heard of Skartaris either. Still, it appears that Rebirth is actually fulfilling its remit by embracing all the old stuff erased from nu52 continuity.

Oh, hang on. It’s James Robinson behind this. You know, the current writer of Wonder Woman. The one who keeps bringing in old characters from 70s comics. That one. Should have guessed, really. Rebirth remit schmemit – he just likes doing this sort of thing.

To be fair, Robinson’s presence on the issue also explains why Trinity #17 treats Diana a bit better than usual. After all, not only do we start off with a story oriented around her and that appears to know something about her current storyline, we do get these pages:

Yep, acknowledgement that Wonder Woman might actually be a better fighter than Superman, even blind.

I do wonder if maybe Wonder Woman is cursed. In her own title, she’s rubbish in a fight, knows nothing and the action is rarely about her. Outside her title, even with the same writer, Diana is the source of wisdom, best in a fight and the storylines are about her, too. How odd.

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Batman #39

Batman #39


Diana and Batman agree to help ‘the Gentle Man’ take a holiday. Who’s the Gentle Man? He’s the defender of this realm from another realm. He just has to keep fighting all the time and he has no special powers. That’s why Superman’s not invited to take his place so he can have a holiday – because Supes would be rubbish in a fight without his powers, unlike Diana and Bruce (Ed: didn’t they just say the exact opposite in Trinity?)

Trouble is, time works differently in that realm, so while the Gentle Man only takes a few hours off, 10 years passes for Diana and Bruce. Which has them both a thinking…

Bruce and Diana

Extra notes

The ending is, of course, highly dissectible. Batman has been running a ‘superfriends’ series. The previous one was Superman and Batman going on a double date with Selina and Lois together. It was nicely done and was basically mutual admiration by everyone for one another. Here, although elements mitigate against it and obviously this is Batman not Wonder Woman, it’s largely a big bit of male gaze at Diana.

Male gaze

Steve Trevor? Who’s he?

Apparently, men and women can’t just be super friends.

As I said, though, there are mitigating elements. There’s some female gaze, too:

Female gaze

Diana is by no means without agency. She’s even got a sense of humour for a change.

All the same, it’s odd that snogging’s the chosen outcome for the issue. Although obviously since they don’t actually kiss at the end, chances are they won’t next issue. It’s also worth noting that the plot is basically a riff on Action Comics #761, in which Superman and Wonder Woman are stuck fighting in Valhalla for 1,000 years and become quite close…

10 years with Batman v 1,000 with Superman, huh? Does that mean Batman is 100 times sexier than Superman?

Rating: 6/7 (Artwork: 6/7)

Wonder Woman/Conan #5

Wonder Woman/Conan #5


The Amazons have located Diana so send some very familiar rescuers.

Rescue party

Except they don’t do a great job and get captured. Diana is going to save them, but then it’s revealed that she’s not Yanna after all and Conan must fight her to save Yanna’s life.


Diana wins, of course, and the Amazons leave with Diana.

The Amazons leave

But she leaves something behind for Conan…

Conana and the Lasso

Extra notes

Well, if Greg Rucka was intent on making Rebirth Diana a Volume 2 Wonder Woman by any other name, so Gail Simone wants to make her a Volume 3 Diana. Io and co are the character roster she had when she was writing the title and the idea that the Amazons are still in contact with Diana is obviously at variance with the Rebirth storyline (and Trinity #17).

Overall, a good read, with some good character work and some fun jokes.

Shooting crows

Plus apparently, Diana’s bracelets/bracers can change size.

Changing size

Shame that Diana and Yanna aren’t the same person after all. But we’ve still got more story left, so let’s see where Simone takes us now.

Rating: 6/7 (Artwork: 7/7)