Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #19, Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 #9

Apparently, there’s more than one movie featuring Wonder Woman coming out this year. Who knew? As well as Wonder Woman, there’s one called Justice League, too, which is directed by Zac “Dark and Gritty” Snyder.

Unveiled this week was an official site full of Photoshoppable images, as well as several posters, including one of our Diana:

Wonder Woman Justice League poster

Better still, she features in a new trailer for the movie…

…as do the Amazons, who appear to be fighting some parademons in somewhere dark and gritty…

Justice League Trailer Amazons

…as does Amber Heard playing that Mera from Atlantis. You can rewatch the trailer to check. Treat yourself.

After the jump, though, we can talk comics. Two releases of note: Wonder Woman #19 and Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 #9. See you in a mo.

Batman '66 meets Wonder Woman '77 #9

Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 #9
It’s 1977 and Wonder Woman is in Gotham fighting Killer Croc. But where’s Batman? Diana decides to find out what’s happen to her old friend since 1966…

What does Diana do?
Punch out and apprehend Killer Croc in her motorcycle outfit while her theme tune plays:

Wonder Woman apprehends Killer Croc

Talk to Commissioner Barbara Gordon about the League of Assassins symbol she’s found and what’s happened to Batman and Robin since ’66:

Commissioner Gordon

Goes looking for Bruce Wayne, listens to his sad stories before finding he’s retired:

Reversion to the mean

Extra notes
Well, it’s all a bit sad, isn’t it? Lovely chirpy 60s Batman has reverted to the universal Batman mean of misery and death, even if it’s got a spangly 70s air to it all. The Joker killing Alfred, Batman killing the Joker. Poor old Adam West and co. Still, it looks like Catwoman’s become a goodie as well, so it’s all not all bad news.

At least Diana always stays pure of heart, hey?

Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #19

Wonder Woman #19
Wonder Woman and Ferdinand have a great big hug, decide that everything written after Greg Rucka left the title was rubbish, and leave the London mental hospital in which Diana has been incarcerated.

Diana, Steve and Etta go after Veronica Cale, but instead find Doctor Cyber and Sasha. But when they leave, Colonel Poison’s team attack. And Diana gets shot!

Diana is shot

Extra notes
Quite a few points to consider this issue. Obviously, Diana ain’t dead because the title hasn’t been cancelled. So what’s going on?

She could be imagining everything and still back in hospital, of course – as could we, because this is still part of ‘The Lies/The Truth’ storyline. But assuming it’s ‘real’, how come a bullet could kill or even harm Diana?

The question of whether Diana is bulletproof like Superman or simply fast enough to dodge and deflect bullets has had different answers over the years. Volume 1 was clear she wasn’t bulletproof (hence the need for ‘bullets and bracelets’). Volumes 2 and 3 tried to square the circle of various punishing fights not killing her by unconvincingly arguing that she could take powerful blows spread over areas (eg punches, smashing headfirst through walls) but not powerful blows in concentrated areas (eg bullets). This was, of course, nonsense. 

Eventually, everyone decided to:

  1. Dodge the question
  2. Claim that she was simply bulletproof and only did bullet and bracelets to help others or deflect the bullets in particular directions, so they didn’t slow her down, etc
  3. Say that while she was bulletproof, it still hurt being shot, so she used bullets and bracelets to avoid the pain.

Greg Rucka has, of course, rewound things a bit already by suggesting that the Amazons can get shot and that it wounds them. Diana’s blessing by the gods obviously gave her some abilities beyond those of other Amazons. Did that include being bulletproof? Maybe, maybe not. 

However, canonically, Diana’s ‘bathing costume’ costume has been Amazonian armour since at least Volume 3, armour made by Hephaestus since the nu52 and DCYou, so should be able to withstand bullets, although we’ve had nothing in Rucka’s run to confirm the same is true in the Rebirth universe. 

So we have to conclude that maybe:

  1. It was a magic bullet, perhaps provided by Ares, that can penetrate both armour and god-blessed flesh
  2. That snake in Diana’s wrist could have been draining her powers and knackering her armour
  3. Diana’s powers rely on her mental state and she’s not in the right state of mind to be bulletproof at the moment

Or something else, of course. We’ll probably find out next time.

The gods are back, BTW, and they’re on the side of the Amazons:

The gods on Themyscira

Diana confirms that despite everything in the nu52’s runs of Wonder Woman, Justice League and Superman/Wonder Woman showing completely the opposite, she’s never returned to Themyscira because someone (Doctor Manhattan?) has made her believe a lie:

Someone's been lied to

It turned out Veronica Cale lied to Barbara Minerva about what it would be like being the Cheetah again.

Hungry Cheetah

Diana’s met Colonel Poison before. Although who knows in which universe.

Colonel Poison?

And talking of ‘bathing suit’ costumes, it appears that Diana might have worn a Volume 2/nu52 hybrid outfit at one point, assuming Doctor Cyber isn’t making one up herself.

Bathing suit costume

Maybe some of these will get answers next issue. Or not.


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