Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #3, 5, 7; Justice League (Rebirth) #6; Action Comics #960-962

Last week being what it was in terms of my workload, particularly thanks to Netflix’s Marvel’s Luke Cage, I didn’t have time to do Weekly Wonder Woman last week, not even on Wonder Woman Wednesday. But WWW is back this week, albeit on another day dedicated to a god of war (Týr Tuesday, anyone?). 

In terms of comics, not much got added to the pile last week – just issue #6 of Justice League (Rebirth), which started off a new storyline in which all the various superheroes and superheroines start off a bit frightened because they’re fighting fear:

Top art, as you can see…

Anyway, it’s mostly all about the two Green Lanterns, particularly Lady Lantern (NB not her real name) who asks the Flash out on a date. Except things don’t quite go as planned as maybe some of the fear they were fighting got stuck inside everyone…

Not much Diana in the issue, since she and Aquaman go off to have a chat about halfway through and aren’t seen again.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman go off for a chat

Ironically, in the real world, a lot more has been going on with our Wondy. Filming on Justice League has just finished in the UK and director Zack Snyder posted this behind-the-scenes video on the last day. You may recognised a certain superheroine.

Meanwhile, production began last week on Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, a biopic about Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston directed by Angela Robinson and starring Luke Evans as Marston, Rebecca Hall as his wife and Wondy co-creator Elizabeth, and Bella Heathcote as their muse/lover Olive Byrne.

On an obviously completely unrelated subject, current Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka caused a bit of a stir not so long ago by declaring that Diana has always been bisexual, something that pleased current Batwoman author Marguerite Bennett no end, even though it’s not exactly new to anyone who’s been paying attention for the past few decades…

It's called Paradise Island for a reason

Friendly Amazons

Just good friends?

There’s also going to be a set of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor statues based on next year’s movie:

Wonder Woman movie statues

Hot on the heels of the news that there’s going to be a Bionic Woman/Wonder Woman crossover comic in December, we also heard that there’s going to be a Batman/Wonder Woman comic crossover launching digitally on November 23rd

Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77

But I’ve saved the best for last. There’s going to be a Snickers tie-in with Justice League. How psyched are you for that?

Snickers Justice League

When you’ve finished digesting that news, after the jump is what we should have been looking at around this time last week: Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #3, #5 and #7. And although she didn’t figure in the most recent issues, we can use the time to play catch-up with Action Comics #960-962, which featured a certain Amazon princess/queen (exact current Rebirth status currently undetermined).

Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #3

Wonder Woman #3, #5, #7
While Steve Trevor is off with the rest of his team in deepest, darkest Africa, Wonder Woman is hunting for her former friend turned enemy Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah) in… deepest, darkest Africa. Wondy needs help from a fellow goddess to find out which of her memories are true and which are lies, and how she can get back to Paradise Island now her patron gods have stopped answering her.

Wonder Woman needs help

Wonder Woman's memories

Problem is that Cheetah gets her powers from a nasty misogynist African god (Urzkartaga) who’s getting a bit tired of flighty females and quite fancies using a man for his missions for a change. Do you want to have a guess whom he picks?

Steve and the African god

Is it any good?
It’s pretty standard Greg Rucka in and of itself, with our Wondy (who’s a feminist icon, doncha know?) not just rescuing some kidnapped women but fighting something that’s more or less the god of MRAs, with Steve Trevor being the literal SJW who helps her in her fight but whom the MRAs would like to make one of them. As a statement piece, it’s bold; but it does give us a Steve Trevor with an oddly feminist line in dialogue for a special forces soldier:

Toxic masculinity

Maybe that’s what Diana saw in him or maybe she did a bit of consciousness-raising back in the day.

But then, Diana’s dialogue doesn’t sound very Diana-y either. Increasingly, it’s like the nu52 all over again, with Wonder Woman almost a separate title, with a continuity and tone separate from the rest of the DC Universe’s current titles as well as its predecessors. This time, though, it’s like the title has popped up through Convergence from a parallel Volume 2 universe; while the regular, sparky Diana continues doing her goddess of war routine, wielding Zeus’ thunderbolt and bringing wild boars to dinner parties in the rest of the Rebirth/nu52 universe, here Diane is as mature, stoic, reverential, not godly and subdued as she always was in Rucka’s Volume 2 run, except perhaps even duller. 

Okay, that’s probably a little unfair, since Rucka does pepper the issues with the occasional bit of joyfulness, such as when Diana rescues Steve’s fellow soldiers, ones she appears to recognise from back in the day…

Here comes Diana

Wonder Woman fights

Where's Steve?

…although maybe Rucka is remembering Charles Soule’s little invention

Wonder Woman has a way with soldiers

There’s also the Diana/Steve reunion in issue #7:

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor reunited

Also to be fair, the whole storyline has felt like a bubble within a bubble anyway, since it’s barely advanced that agenda of ‘sorting the truth from the lies’ that started in #1. 

Nevertheless, not bad and plenty of good moments for Diana, Steve and even Cheetah, even if it’s all a bit too ‘subtext made text’ for my taste. And it’s about 1,000 times better than the Finches and 1,000 times less offensive than Brian Azzarello, at the very least.

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 5/7)

Action Comics #960

Action Comics #960-962
Superman’s fighting Doomsday but he needs some help… from Wonder Woman. 

Is it any good?
Well, it’s really just a big fight between Doomsday on one side and Superman and Wonder Woman on the other. But interspersed throughout are plenty of notable moments.

We have Wonder Woman saving Clark Kent (for there is a new Clark in town and he’s not Superman):

Wonder Woman saves Clark Kent

We have Wonder Woman saving Superman:

Wonder Woman saves Superman

And then together, they save the day.

Diana arrives to save the day

Superman sends Doomsday to the Phantom Zone

Superman and Wonder Woman together

But largely, Diana’s left looking after both Lois and Superman/Lois’s son (Doomsday liking to hunt Kryptonians), while Superman does the fighting by himself. 

Last time, of course, we looked at Lois and Diana’s heart-to-heart about Diana’s feelings for (her) Superman and their agreeing to be friends in Trinity #1. But #960 also gave us this slightly contradictory heart-to-heart between the two in which they end up agreeing to be friends:

It feels true

We shall be close friends

Read in isolation (entirely legitimately, given DC’s skills at editorial co-ordination), this could be a super-textual comment on the nu52 Wonder Woman-Superman relationship not being right – they should never have been together. Taken with Trinity #1, it could also mean that this Lois and this Superman being together feels true. But you could swing both ways on this one perfectly validly.

Taken as a trio, the titles are a decent slant on old Superman’s rematch with the foe that killed him back in the day. They’re also mercifully short compared to the interminable ‘Superman Doomed’ storyline that so ruined the tail-end of Charles Soule’s Superman-Wonder Woman stint, as well as several other titles. It’s also nice to have Superman – any Superman – fighting side by side with Wonder Woman and for Lois Lane and Diana to be friends again. Just a shame that a touch of authorial fiat on the old school Superman/Wonder Woman relationship might have crept in there…

Rating: 4/7 (Artwork: 4/7)

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week