Trailers for USA’s upcoming shows Mr Robot and Complications

You may notice that in comparison to all the other upfronts entries I’ve written, USA’s is a bit different. That’s because USA has this habit of showing at the Upfronts programmes it’s going to be airing in the summer and later. And it’s also difficult for me to class at least one of these as a new show, for obvious reasons. Looks like Suits and Royal Pains are going to last forever at this rate, because USA’s never going to have anything to replace them with…

Mr Robot
Rami Malek is an anti-social programmer whose life is uprooted when he is recruited into a hacking group by the mysterious Mr Robot (Christian Slater). Looks dark, miserable and uninviting in exactly the same way that last year’s new USA shows Rush and Satisfaction did. Plus it’s got Christian “Show Killer” Slater in it, so is likely to be cancelled by the end of the season, tops.

Jason O’Mara stars as a doctor who becomes a vigilante while grieving the death of his wife. No change there for the voice of the animated Batman, then. If, incidentally, this sounds familiar, it’s because USA unveiled this at last year’s Upfronts, too – yes, it’s been sitting in the back catalogue for an entire year. Sounds like USA has a lot of faith in it, doesn’t it?