News: Amazon’s new pilots, ITV’s Peter Pan, True Detective trailer, Kate Beckinsale returns to the Underworld + more

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New UK TV shows

  • ITV green lights: Peter Pan adaptation Peter & Wendy, with Paloma Faith, Stanley Tucci et al…
  • …and period drama Jericho, with Jessica Raine, Clarke Peters, Hans Matheson et al


US TV show casting

  • GYAD

    Wait, they're adapting EDGE?

    Well, if they're faithful to the source material that'll be…interesting.

    Bloody, sexist, sadistic and full of bad puns…but interesting.

  • Mark Carroll

    It's nice to know that Portia de Rossi still does stuff.

    The Underworld movies generally went downhill from the first, I think. I shudder to consider a fifth.

    But, ooh, more True Detective coming. That I'll try out.

  • Let's see what they do with it, then!