Trailers for Fox’s Guide to Surviving Life and Scream Queens

A few days ago, I offered you trailers for all of Fox’s new Fall 2015-6 shows. Kind of. Fox has more shows up its sleeve – it just didn’t have trailers for them.

Maybe it was protecting us, maybe it was just being a bit forgetful, but now I’ll regale you with two new trailers: comedy The Guide To Surviving Life and part comedy, part slasher flick Scream Queens.

The Guide To Surviving Life
Single-cam comedy in which a bunch of college graduates try to work out what they want from existence, being dissatisfied with life and even partying like epic twats not holding the allure it once did. It looks absolutely horrendous and is notable mainly/only for Justin Bartha (the one in The Hangover who never got to do anything fun with the others) as the elder brother of one of the characters, and Meaghan Rath, who’s potential girlfriend material – assuming she goes with this, rather than NBC’s People Are Talking, which she’s also lined up to star in.

Scream Queens
Glee/American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy gives us something that’s part comedy, part horror show that stars horror doyennes Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, Scream 4) as dean and sorority queen of Wallace University, where every episode someone is going to get killed by someone dressed as a killer. Everyone is a possible murderer, but whoactuallydunnit? Also stars Lea Michele (Glee), Abigail Breslin and Nasim Pedrad (SNL, Mulaney). Tongue-in-cheek horror mixed with actual horror ain’t my thing, but YMMV.