News: Blue Thunder with drones, a US TV Let The Right One In remake, Dominic Purcell joins Flash spin-off + more

Daniel Craig in Spectre



  • Trailer for Pixels with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan et al


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New US TV show casting

  • JustStark

    series of Let The Right One In

    What an awful, awful idea. Every week she arrives in a town where some kid is having problems and helps them out like the Littlest Vampire Hobo?

  • GYAD

    Seeing as A&E tried to kill Longmire I wouldn't mind if it was a series of one episode, featuring the vampire turning up and eating the commissioning staff.

    Actually, I'd like a UK remake of that too. Preferably on BBC3. Watching the team who produce SNOG, MARRY AVOID get eaten alive by a creature of the night might be quite cathartic.

    As this is being done by someone involved with TEEN WOLF I suspect it'll be another supernatural romance.

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