Trailers for all two of SyFy’s new shows: Ascension and Dominion

After that big slab of new shows that NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, TNT, TBS and even to a lesser extent The CW are putting out in the Fall, SyFy’s upfront presentation of a mere two shows looks a bit rubbish. Even more rubbish is that Dominion is due out in June, Ascension in November. And most rubbish of all are the shows themselves – at least, judging by the trailers.

Dominion, which stars Anthony Head doing his best American accent (cf Jonathan Creek, Free Agents), is a spin-off from dreadful Paul Bettany starrer Legion. The show carries that on in a transformed post-apocalyptic future, 25 years after an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, waged a war of possession against mankind. If you enjoy this, you are probably a very unique and special snowflake of a person.

Ascension, which stars Tricia Helfer, who’d almost certainly rather be on ABC in a second season of Killer Women rather than back on SyFy, imagines that while Kennedy was busy exhorting America to aim for the moon back in ’63, he was also sending off a covert colonising spaceship full of families on a 100-year long voyage. Seems plausible, doesn’t it? 

  • benjitek

    Dominion looks like total SyFy rubbish — Ascension looks like a maybe 😉

  • Mark Carroll

    Well, “Ascension”'s premise sounds among the more likely of typical SyFy fare! (Also, for example, rather more plausible than the idea of dinosaurs using radiation as a food source!)

  • Yes, a maybe, If I can stop laughing at the concept 😉

  • benjitek

    Yes — but if they storytelling is done right… maybe… CW's The 100 is an example of a similar concept done wrong, horribly wrong 😉