Weekly Wonder Woman: World’s Finest Annual #1 and Forever Evil: ARGUS #4

World's Finest Annual #1

There’s not much in the printed medium out this week Wonder Womany. Despite the cover, over on Earth 2, World’s Finest Annual #1 largely involves a chase after alternative Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury. Alternative Wondy shows up for a couple of pages towards the end, but it’s more of a cameo than a real appearance.

Alternative Wonder Woman shows up

Alternative Wonder Woman cries about Fury

Meanwhile, over in Forever Evil: ARGUS, again, despite the cover, it’s more of a cameo for Wonder Woman as the assembled heroes and villains realises that arch-Wondy enemy (literally) holds the key to rescuing the Justice League.

Forever Evil: Argus

We also get a little bit of insight into Steve Trevor’s mind, which is largely full of Wonder Woman, apparently.

Steve Trevor's mind is full of Wonder Woman

Lastly, it’s worth noting that over in this week’s Superman, Lois Lane official title of ‘Superman’s best friend’, a title held, pre nu-52, by either Batman or Wonder Woman, depending on the situation. Interesting flip around that.

Oh, and Lois has forgotten Clark and Superman are the same person. How many times did that happen pre-nu52? Lots, anyway, nostalgia fans.

Lois is Clark's best friend