Mini-reviews: DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #2/Smallville #68

Not much by way of new canonical Wonder Woman last week. However, in alternative universes, there was another issue of Smallville: Season 11. Since this is a Super-strip, despite Supes and Wondy facing off against the god Hades himself – gods being Wondy’s forte – it was Supes who saved the day, demonstrating to Wondy why killing is always, always wrong… except at the end of major blockbuster movies, of course.

Superman won't kill, Wondy will

Supes goes flying

It has to be said, though, that as a god, this Hades was a bit rubbish, given that his response to being grabbed by Superman and flown into space wasn’t to kill him on the spot or turn him into an ant, but to grin and bear it. Oh well, at least Wondy and Steve were reunited at the end, which was quite cute. 

Wondy and Steve reunited

Next week, we find out what happens now Washington DC has been turned all rubbly.

DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe

The other alternative universe on display is in DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe, which sees the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe universe crossing over with the DC Universe. What a lot of universes.

It’s all been a bit weird so far, with everyone magical in both universes having heard of each other already but as legends. Apparently, John Constantine is pretty much a killing word over in Eternia. Blimey. And I remember him when he was having problems with a simple demon in Newcastle…

Anyway, it’s also been a bit biased towards the MotU side of things, with much of the two issues published devoted to Adam’s mum (who came from Earth originally, as readers of the MotU TV series writers’ bible will recall. Yes, I have read it. Sorry).

It has to be said, the DC characterisation is pretty weak. Superman stonked all over the place by Skeletor and the Justice League only looks a bit wide-eyed? Hmm.

Wondy is impressed by Skeletor

The entire Justice League bewitched by Skeletor?

The Justice League bewitched

And then, of course, Superman gets killed by He-Man. I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more…

He-Man kills Superman

On the whole, it’s not great, particularly on the DC side, so probably one more for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans. However, I’m not sure that it’s actually going to please anyone.