Dear DC Comics, Please hire some proofreaders

I’ll do it for you if you pay me. I mean, let’s start with this week’s Catwoman #16. How are we spelling ‘assault’ here?

Catwoman #16

Okay, that’s just a relatively minor problem compared to some of the other typos in this week’s comics. Let’s move on to Aquaman #16. I appreciate Mera and Arthur (aka Aquaman) are underwater, but I really don’t think that’s the effect you’re trying to achieve in spelling your main character’s name wrong.


And then lastly, we have this in this week’s Superman #16. As if to add further insult to the injury of her being described as merely Superman’s ‘current lover’ in the next panel (yet more rebellion by Superman’s writers? The suggestion that it’s not going to last?), veering away from current DC shorthand (“the living goddess Wonder Woman”), we have Wonder Woman described as ‘Prince Diana of the Amazons’.

Prince, FFS.

Diana, Prince of the Amazons

DC – I know comics are a somewhat juvenile medium, but that doesn’t mean you have to spell like teenagers, too. Hire some proofreaders – it’s not like there’s much text for them to read, so it should be relatively cheap.