What Ian Levine gets up to in his spare time: redoing Planet of the Giants

Ian Levine’s one of the best known Doctor Who fans out there. A former producer of Take That, he rescued several Doctor Who stories from destruction during the BBC archive purges of the 80s, including The Daleks, and he even contributed to some 80s stories, including Attack of the Cybermen.

These days, though, since the production team doesn’t have a lot of time for him, one of his hobbies is animating stories that have bits missing from them and even sometimes stories that don’t. Planet of the Giants, an early Hartnell story, technically doesn’t have bits missing from it. Originally written as a four part story, the producers decided it actually only merited three parts and condensed it down. But our Ian thinks they were wrong and thanks to having a big pile of cash and plenty of time, he’s fleshed out and re-edited the televised version to make it four episodes again, as per the original scripts. And to fill in the gaps, he’s got some CGI people in and hired some sound-alike actors to read the additional dialogue.

That’s the theory anyway. Whether it really works, I’ll let you decide…