Question of the week: is another go at a Wonder Woman TV series a good thing or a bad thing?

Wonder Woman

So Wonder Woman’s going through something of a renaissance right now. One of the few decent comics to come out of DC’s infamous nu52 reboot was Wonder Woman. A writer has been hired once again to write a Wonder Woman movie after the mighty Joss Whedon failed. After decades of no or rubbish boyfriends for Wonder Woman, Superman now has the honour of having to work out what to get the Amazon princess who has everything for Valentine’s Day, which can only mean more Wonder Woman in normally Wonder-free comics.

And now, The CW, which managed to squeeze 10 seasons of TV and a digital comic’s worth of origin story out of Superman for Smallville and is about to try to do the same for Green Arrow with Arrow, is about to give us Amazon (working title), a Wonder Woman origin series.

Now, obviously the last attempt at a Wonder Woman TV series was a colossal f*ck up – you can read all about it, the previous Wonder Woman TV series, movies and pilots and even watch the abomination itself over here. However, this new version does have a few things going for it:

  1. It’s not going to be on NBC
  2. It’s not being written by the guy behind Ally McBeal, David E Kelley, who had never actually read the comic
  3. It’s being written by Allen Heinberg, who as well as being a decent scriptwriter anyway, was also behind the rather good soft reboot of the character for Volume 3 of the Wonder Woman comic.
  4. It’s on The CW, a network largely aimed at girls and women, and which has carried several shows about kick ass women in the past (eg Buffy, Nikita)

Of course, there is the possibility that a TV series would detract from a possible movie, that it’s going to be more like The CW’s Gossip Girl than like Buffy, that everything that makes Wonder Woman what she is will be ignored (Amazons, her mum Hippolyta, Greek gods, super-powers, compassion, intelligence, decent fight scenes), that a teenage Wonder Woman will be underpowered and a bit pathetic (cf Smallville), or that it’ll have a budget of £2.50.

So today’s question is:

Is a Wonder Woman TV series a good idea? And will you watch it if it’s on?

While you’re thinking of an answer, I’ll be off watching last night’s Robot Chicken.