Weird old title sequences: ITC shows (1960s)

Last time in Weird Old Title Sequences, we looked at some of the ITC shows of the 1950s. This week, we’re going to move forward a decade to the 60s.

Now ITC produced some of the most iconic TV shows – and title sequences – of the 60s. It was in this decade that ITC really flourished as a company and where the genre of show known as the ‘ITC show’ crystallised. I’ve already covered quite a few of those shows in some depth: The Avengers, The Prisoner, The Champions and The Baron. But that’s just the tip of the ITC iceberg. So after the jump, we’re going to run through some of the most popular ITC shows’ title sequences, as well as the sequences of some shows that are perhaps not as well remembered.

So brace yourself for the fabulous, iconic title sequences (with equally fabulous title themes) of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Department S, Man in a Suitcase, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), The Saint, Danger Man, The Strange Report, and Jason King. There are probably more I could add to that list: what others would you include?

Incidentally, for a good(ish) overview of ITC shows, you could try Cult TV: The Golden Age of ITC, which I reviewed all of half a decade ago. Sigh.


Captain Scarlet

Department S

Man in a Suitcase

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

The Saint

Danger Man

The Strange Report

Jason King

  • THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!!!! Rob, you have made me happy. Thunderbirds was a vital part of my Saturday morning c 1971. Love the fact that Lady P is holding a fag. Can you imagine that in a kids' tv programme today?!!!

    Oh and the Saint� & Randall & Hopkirk. Thanks, Rob. Two other faves! Wasn't Roger Moore good looking in those days? My childhood crush makes sense now.

    I've a feeling Danger Man was another show my cousin worked on. But I never saw it.

    Thanks for that wallow in nostalgia!

  • SK

    A friend of mine got the Danger Man box set a few more than a couple of years ago, and having watched some episodes we decided that today it would be up in front of the ASA and forced to change its name to Conversation Man.�

  • It being an awful long time ago now for me since I saw Danger Man, do you remember if the half hour episodes were faster-paced than the hour-long ones?

  • You're very welcome. Try the other shows, too!