Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant (week 17, 2011)

Sister Chastity's Sitting Tennant

I know, I know. It’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. Sorry, but what with public transport, evening classes, The Apprentice, blah de blah de blah, I didn’t have time last night. But first thing Wednesday morning is close enough, right?

Anyway, to make it up to you, here’s Sister Chastity’s winning Sitting Tennant of the week. I’m almost inclined to give bonus points to anyone who can actually now write a caption, even more bonus points for ones that aren’t smutty. But I don’t want to set anyone impossible challenges.

  1. Hebbie: 100
  2. Sister Chastity: 75
  3. Rullsenberg: 55
  4. Erin C: 45
  5. Janice: 15
  6. esgaril: 10
  7. theriverlady: 5

It was Marie who came up with the definitive (meta-)caption last week so a big 10 points to her; five points to everyone else, including new arrival kallan – a warm hello to kallan! Thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Good luck with this week’s competition everyone.

  1. Marie: 105
  2. Rullsenberg: 85
  3. Toby, Electric Dragon: 60
  4. SK, Lisa G: 45
  5. theriverlady: 35
  6. Jane Henry: 30
  7. Virpi: 15
  8. Joe B, whoficwriter: 10
  9. Hebbie, kallan: 5

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below or email me and if it’s judged suitable, it will appear in the Sitting Tennant gallery. Don’t forget to include your name in the filename so I don’t get mixed up about who sent it to me.

The best pic in the stash each week will appear on Tuesday and get ten points; the runners up will appear on Friday (one per person who sends one in) and get five points.

You can also enter the witty and amusing captions league table by commenting on Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant photo, the best caption getting 10 points, everyone who contributes getting five points.