David Tennant genuinely in Fright Night

People might have quibbled about the last ‘David Tennant in Fright Nightpost, but this is genuinely David Tennant in Fright Night. Promise.

David Tennant in Fright Night

Click on him to make him bigger. Much bigger.

  • Oooh…. still makes me go a bit wibbly…

  • mumi05

    wow!!! 😉

  • Bassygalore

    Thank you, Rob!

  • Hotness.

  • Marie

    I’m sorry, I can’t sign off on this. Really he should only dress up like this seven years into our marriage, to spice things up when I’m getting bored of the same old same old. HAVE WE BEEN MARRIED FOR SEVEN YEARS, DAVID? HAVE WE? (To clarify: we have not.)