Monday’s The O’Reilly (Blood Clotting) Factor news

Doctor Who/Theatre

  • Arthur Darvill to play Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus at the Globe
  • Clips from The Doctor’s Wife


British TV

Canadian TV


  • SK

    Well, I’ve booked my tickets for some of Marlowe’s rather epic blank verse on the 3rd of September. Anyone else going?

  • I missed it completely till you commented. AND I’m on the Globe’s email list. Don’t know how. Would love to go and see it. Must try and see if I can persuade husband to come. Probably NOT one for the sprogs(-:

  • MediumRob

    I would have liked to have seen it but then I heard Arthur Darvill was going to be in it.

  • SK

    Is he really that bad? It’s Marlowe.

  • Pavlovian conditioned reflex caused by over-exposure to him as Rory