Doctor Who reviews this year?

So for the last few years – ooh, four now I think about it – I’ve been doing episode-by-episode reviews of Doctor Who. Now that was fun. It was enjoyable, because no matter what happened, David Tennant and whichever his companion he was with + Rusty and one of his nonsensical scripts almost always added up to fun.

However, Steven Moffat’s in charge and as much as his intricate plotting and general cleverness make Rusty’s best efforts look like the doodlings of a High School child, they lack Rusty’s exuberance, depth of emotion and general fun. In short, I’m finding them a bit more like hard work than anything I actually enjoying. I’m not even sure I really care about DW enough any more to want to review them.

I know – I’m such a neophile.

So the question is, what with

  • me already committed to two hours of Spiral every week for at least another week
  • a workload that’s seen me working three out of four days for the last two bank holiday weekends and with no proper time to blog until Friday
  • high quality reviews available elsewhere from the likes of Frank, Jane and Stuart

do you actually want my usual full-on reviews or should I reduce Who to the Friday “What Have You Been Watching?” slot unless I feel particularly inspired?

Your opinion matters, so leave a comment if you do want the reviews (or if you don’t because you think they’re rubbish).