Community, Scrubs and Cougar Town crossover-palooza

Cougar Town visits Community

Spoilers ahoy, so let’s talk after the jump

So, in case you didn’t know, haven’t been watching that closely, etc, Community and Cougar Town have been having something of a love-fest for the last season. Travis in Cougar Town is a big Community fan; Abed in Community is a big Cougar Town fan. This is despite the fact that Cougar Town airs on ABC and Community airs on NBC.

So things really started to heat up on Community when Abed talked about how he was a super-fan of the show and had actually appeared as an extra on Cougar Town.

And that’s where we thought it had been left – just a throwaway meta-scene typical of Community. It wasn’t until the season finale of Community that two stars of Cougar Town actually cameoed in a scene.

Cougar Town visits Community

Community does that kind of thing, of course, with Abed actually helping a woman to give birth in the background during the course of an episode this season.

But lo-and-behold, look what happened in the season finale of Cougar Town:

That’s on top of the Scrubs crossover later on in the episode.

How awesome is that?

With thanks to Toby for the pic and some of the vids!