Some of the best bits of Comic Relief – Doctor Who, Joanna Page and James Corden

Comic Relief was on Friday and as usual, there were some sketches from some well known shows, including Doctor Who.

But there was also a two-part sketch, written by Steven Moffat at his muckiest best:

Joanna Page was also doing her thing:

While Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis had to call in James Corden (Smithy from Gavin & Stacey) to help save the show, which he did with the assistance of George Michael among others:

And then there was Alan Partridge…

What was your favourite?

  • nel

    I think the sketch was supposed to be Moffatt riffing on the Great Short Skirt Controversy last year? Problem was, it wasn’t funny. Am i the only one who nearly dozed off? And I’m already resigned to Amy Pond being annoying, but he actually made the Doctor and Rory rather annoying in this one as well!

  • I loved the ‘Doctor Who’ story and “Smithy to the Rescue” (thanks for ID’ing the guy in the scene with Lenny Henry), but I think my favorite has to be the spoof “Uptown Downstairs Abbey”.
    Was the puppet in that an original or was it from some other TV show?

  • You’ve got blood on your wimple. Genius. Missed that one on the night, Rob, so thanks for that(-: