Monday’s “more catching up” news


British TV


  • More Being Human, eh? Can’t say I’m surprised, but this is, sadly, the first time I just don’t care. The first two series for me pretty much had their foot to the floor the entire time. They were well-written, exciting and exhilarating; most importantly, they almost entirely lacked filler, shoving more plot into each episode than several episodes of US series.
    Series three, though, was largely extremely dull. Of the eight episodes, I think only 1, 4 and 7 really grabbed me. And that last episode… ugh. Just get on with it. (And why didn’t Wyndam just kill George there and then, kidnap Nina to fulfil his curiosity, and leave Annie a blubbering wreck?) A clear lack of budget and whiney EMO-style scripting throughout sucked all the life and energy from the rest of the episodes. Oh well.