Today’s Joanna Page: Miss Julie

I was going to do a great big review of Miss Julie, but although it does look a very interesting and important film, judging from the bits I’ve seen, Mike Figgis is the director and it got three nominations for various awards:

a) I’ve not had the time to watch it properly
b) It’s Strindberg so somehow something else always pops up instead
c) Joanna Page is only in three scenes as a servant so does anyone really want me to? In the first scene, she’s just peeling vegetables (see above) so that doesn’t even count.

So I’m going to leave you with these two clips from her feature film near-debut (This Year’s Love being her debut, assuming her Love Actually CV isn’t lying since I haven’t actually watched it yet). All you really need to know is that she’s a servant, and Peter Mullan (currently appearing in The Fixer) is a footman who’s contemplating an affair with count’s daughter Saffron Burrows (who’s just finished appearing in His Own Worst Enemy). She may still be young (21ish) at this point but there are certain mannerisms you might recognise already. This is it though – she’s not in the rest of it, apart from the vegetables bit at the beginning.

Next time, I might get round to a review. It’ll be brilliant, I promise.