Question of the week: what two shows would you cross over?

After a few relatively earnest questions of the week of late, let’s go fun. A crossover, as I’m sure Toby will elucidate on if you ask him nicely, is when characters from one TV show appear on another TV show. The simplest crossovers usually occur in spin-offs (eg CSI and CSI:Miami, Doctor Who and Torchwood), or between shows from the same producers or on the same networks (eg The X-Files and Millennium, CSI and Without A Trace, Scrubs and Cougar Town) but other crossovers do take place (eg Homicide and Law & Order: SVU). 

We don’t have to be so limited though. This week’s simple question is

Which two TV shows would you cross over and why?

And if that’s too hard, just tell us what your favourite TV crossover is?

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog

  • Hey, you don’t even have to ask. I’d probably just start yammering away on the topic with you having no access to easy escape…..
    You didn’t specify if the shows had to be currently on the air or not, Rob. But as you could probably guess I have a little list either way.
    I wrote this up some time ago as one of my Super Six lists (back then it was Deep Six) and these five I still support:
    ‘The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.’ in ‘The Wild, Wild West’
    This one especially was a wasted opportunity. Back then in 1991, Bruce Campbell was at his prime and Robert Conrad would still have been very convincing as an older James West.
    ‘Chuck’ vs. ‘Jake 2.0′
    Nerd Spies!
    Torchwood’ teams up with ‘The X-Files’ or ‘Special Unit 2’
    ‘The Librarian’ visits ‘Warehouse 13’
    And they fight before teaming up over one particular relic. (Toss in the Relic Hunter as well!)
    ‘Extras’ & ‘The Larry Sanders Show’
    Seemed obvious once Andy Millman hit the big time.
    And I would have added this one:
    ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’
    MTM once pointed out the difference between her show and Candice Bergen’s – Mary Richards was a lady, Murphy Brown was a broad. So if they kept that attitude alive, it would have been a great cat-fight!
    ‘Ellery Queen’ with Jim Hutton and ‘Poirot’ with David Suchet
    ‘Harry’s Law’ with ‘WKRP In Cincinnati’
    I’ve abandoned Kathy Bates’ show, but I’d come back to see her represent Dr. Johnny Fever
    But as for both shows involved being current?
    ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ with ‘Law & Order: UK’
    Just to get that needed John Munch connection!
    ‘House’ & ‘Bored To Death’
    Both set in New Jersey, Dr. House would probably need the help of a private eye…..
    ‘Episodes’ & ‘Entourage’
    And could get Ricky Gervais as Andy Millman in on that action…..
    ‘Dexter’ and ‘Burn Notice’
    Just because.
    ‘Eureka’ and ‘Doctor Who’
    I’m sure the Doctor’s been there anyway….
    ‘The Mentalist’ and ‘Psych’
    Perfect combination for a game of one-upmanship….
    And either one of those could serve as the platform from which ‘Columbo’ could get the proper send-off…..
    Thanks, Rob! What a great reason for staying up past my “bedtime”!

  • I was going to say X Files and Torchwood. Perfect fit(-:
    Maybe Star Trek and Dr Who would be fun, but old versions of both, to please my 8 year old self(-:
    Am going to go away and scratch my head and think of some more… Great question!

  • Clown Hammer

    ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’. SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

  • stu-n

    Sapphire & Steel and Doctor Who, because it’d be interesting to see what the Agents made of Time Lords, and the Doctor in particular — and vice-versa… (imagine the Tenth versus Steel)
    Star Trek TNG and Blake’s Seven, because who wouldn’t want to see a face-off between Patrick Stewart and Paul Darrow?
    The Prisoner and Callan, because David Callan would have made mincemeat of any Number Two going.
    Ugly Betty and Eastenders, seeing as Betty’s now in London. It’d be hilarious.

  • Virpi

    Desperate Housewives and South Park, because their moralities could mesh in interesting ways.

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