Question of the week: which TV show has had the best finale?

So, it’s finale time in the US. Various shows have already aired their finales (Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl) while others are still to come (Chuck). However, some of these finales are going to be series finales, rather than season finales (Lost, 24). There’s not going to be any of these shows, so the writers are going to have to find a way to complete their stories.

Trouble is, a lot of shows when placed in such situations come up with endings that almost no one liked (Life on Mars US, The Sopranos, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise), maybe kind of liked (Battlestar Galactica) or that didn’t really finish off the stories at all (Rome, Quantum Leap). There are very few that almost everyone liked and more or less finished the narrative (Sex and the City – until the movies, of course; Star Trek: The Next Generation).

So this week’s question is

Which TV show has had the best ever final episode?

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog.