What have you been watching this week (w/e October 30)

A bit of an odd collection of viewing treats this week:

  • Mad Men – Haven’t watched this week’s yet.
  • Community – Duff first half, but it pulled it together for the second half. Loved Avid’s TV self-awareness that made him hide away this episode, because he’d been getting too much screen time in the previous episodes.
  • 30 Rock – had its moments. Not as good as Community though.
  • Dexter – so many twists! Great ending.
  • Stargate Universe – still liking it. Still. Not loving it. But liking it. There were some beautiful bits of CGI in this week’s ep, Robert Carlyle was acting for all his worth, and the music was great – very Vangelis/Blade Runner.
  • The Thick of It – more political, less funny that previous episodes. And is Malcolm toning down on his swearing now it’s Rebecca Front in charge?
  • Ghosts in the Machine – Very good little documentary on BBC4 about ghost stories on TV. I’ve seen pretty much everything featured on it, surprisingly, and I thought they gave the Ghost Stories for Christmas too little time – I’d have loved to have seen more focus given to Andrew Davies’s adaptation of The Signalman as well the later stories that weren’t based on MR James stories. But good to see The Omega Factor getting a head nod. Still, for anyone who hadn’t see The Stone Tape et al, bit of a spoiler-fest since they gave all the endings away.
  • Dollhouse – Yes, I know I’ve given up on it, but I was told by Jonathan that last week’s was excellent, so I thought I’d watch it. It was certainly a whole lot better than previous week’s – except for any bit with Eliza Dushku in it – and it’s nice to see Vincent Ventrega still getting work. But I’m not loving it either.

Otherwise, the backlog’s growing.

What have you been watching though?

As always, no spoilers unless you’re going to use the <spoiler> </spoiler> tags, please. If you’ve reviewed something on your blog, you can put a link to it here rather than repeat yourself (although too many links and you might get killed by the spam filter).


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