I’m back – and the pilot for Being Human again

Hello, everyone! I’m back from sunny Santorini to find London is sunny again. How did that happen?

Anyway, glad to see nothing happened to the blog while I was gone and that everyone seemed moderately entertained in my absence. Over the next few days, the blog will return to normal, and the news will start again on Monday. I should have a few reviews lined up of Big Finish audio plays, as well as of the premiere of season three of Mad Men – and, fingers crossed, a preview of the first episode of the fourth season of Dexter.

Until then, seeing as BBC America is showing Being Human and everyone over in the States is getting all excited about it, I thought I’d post the pilot episode, which introduced the characters albeit with a mostly different cast. To those Americans who are just getting into Being Human, have a check through the articles tagged ‘Being Human’ on the blog, since I’ve included a Q&A with the cast and producers, amongst other things. I’d already posted the pilot (and some prequel vids) once before, but YouTube seem to have taken them down, so this should act as a replacement.

How have you all been, by the way?