Today’s Sitting Tennant (from Sister Chastity, Rullsenberg and Jaradel): People Like Us, Planet of the Dead and Blackpool


David Tennant in Planet of the Dead

David Tennant in Blackpool

After a brief mid-week birthday edition, it’s time for our regularly scheduled edition of “hot Scottish actor taking a pew” aka Sitting Tennant.

This week, we have a smorgasbord of pictures, with Sister Chastity giving us a still from People Like Us, in which DT had to go on a great internal journey to play the part of “an actor”; and Jaradel returns to the hellish, barren wasteland conditions of Planet of the Dead; or was it really just Blackpool, as Ms Rullsenberg intimates?

Here’s the new leader board, with unsurprisingly no changes in the running order as our steady rationing of pictures continues:

  1. Rullsenberg: 18.5
  2. Jaradel: 15.5
  3. Sister Chastity: 13.5
  4. Rosby: 2.5
  5. Persephone: 1

At witty caption central, Toby sucked on a can of nitrous oxide and extended his lead but nearly lost points for implying that David Tennant had decreased his lead and once again resorting to puns; Ms Rullsenberg came in with some list minute captions that has now drawn her into a captioning slap-down with Jane Henry – who will triumph?; and Rev/Views took a break from cursing the name of BT to rejoin the fray, presumably via semaphore. Witty caption points went to: Marie for picture 1; and Electric Dragon for both picture 2 and picture 3.

  1. Toby: 91
  2. Marie: 85
  3. Jane Henry: 54.5
  4. Rullsenberg: 54.5
  5. Persephone: 41.5
  6. Jaradel: 33.5
  7. Electric Dragon: 20
  8. Rev/Views 13
  9. Scott: 3
  10. Aaron: 2
  11. 1

As always, captions and new submissions for the gallery, please. Remember, you can submit as many (witty) captions as you like for each and every picture, with topical captions (and pictures of David Tennant in current productions) getting extra marks. The wittiest caption for each picture will get double points. And there’s a bonus point for using Gary Numan lyrics appropriately.

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below and if it’s judged suitable, it will appear in the “Sitting Tennant” gallery. You can also enter the witting and amusing captions league table by commenting on existing photos in the gallery.