Time to buy an Iris Wildthyme book

Iris WIldthyme and the Celestial Omnibus

We’re building up quite a collection of writers and publishers here at the blog, so in what has become a tradition here, it’s time to pimp one of their books.

Stuart Douglas – who hasn’t been around here much of late. Bah! – is publishing a collection of Iris Wildthyme stories by the likes of Paul Magrs, Steve Cole, Mark Wright, Cavan Scott and Mags Haliday next month so why not head on over to Obverse Books and place an order? It’s only £10.99 and it’s a hardback.

In case you don’t know who Iris is, she’s a Time Lady who travels the universe in a TARDIS disguised as a Double Decker bus. According to el Wikipedia:

Her stories are in the New Wave mold, characterised by nonlinear, sometimes stream of consciousness narrative, intertextual references to the rest of Doctor Who and popular culture, and themes of unreliable narration. She has a playful, mischievous personality, delighting in baiting the Doctor and getting into trouble.

Although she started off in the BBC Books Doctor Who novels, she’s gone on to have a range of audio adventures, care of Big Finish, in which she’s played by former Who companion Katy Manning, so you might want to nip over to Amazon to buy them, too.

Iris Wildthyme