The Heroes, Chuck and Medium Superbowl promos

The US Superbowl is a traditional time for Americans to get together, eat snacks, party and watch lots of commercials that are occasionally interrupted by some football. Some Superbowl commercials are classics that live in history – can you believe it’s been 25 years since Ridley Scott directed the legendary first ever advert for the Apple Mac way back in 1984?

Most don’t though. Oh well.

But with a vast, near-captive audience, NBC gets the chance to

  1. up promo rates and still show lots of exclusive ads (see today’s news for some movie spots)
  2. promote its own programmes

Here, for instance, is a great big sing- and-dance-a-long involving the casts of Chuck, Heroes and Medium. Yes, Yvonne Strahovski can do a good high kick.

As well as that combo, Heroes got not just one but two dedicated promos: a standard “clips from the next episode” promo

But as pointed out on Thursday, there was also a specially shot promo with various Heroes playing football against NFL players – and having to use their powers to stand a chance of winning.

Me being me, I can’t help but notice that someone who was there for the filming and appeared to have shot some footage for the ad, didn’t appear in the final thing at all except if you look really, really hard between 0:17 to 0:20 . Sigh.