Dick Heads (from Denise): North and South and Robin Hood

Richard Armitage in North and South

Richard Armitage in Robin Hood

Two Dick Heads today, this time from Denise. The first is of a hat-wearing Richard Armitage, once again from North and South (has he been in anything else? I’m sure he must have been. Did he just not get to wear hats in Spooks?), the second from Robin Hood.

What, then, Dick Head lovers, does the muse Richard Armitage elicit from you this week?

  • Picture One:
    Eager for the chance to be connected to the remake, Richard Armitage happily took a cameo role in the opening credits of ‘The Prisoner’…..

  • I approach the flame.
    Removing my hat, I use
    Soot for eyeliner.

  • dmw

    thanks for the hallo’s last week.. as for this…
    North/South Industrial Avon Calling…
    “fancy a look at my cottons?”
    and as well for the query – there have been other hats.. yes.. there have…but none quite so stylish as the North and South variety…

  • Pic 1. Snow joke how big my nose always looks.
    Pic 2 Guy thought by turning into a New Romantic 7 centuries early Marian might like him more. He was wrong.

  • Top hats and gas lamps
    coupled with make up
    Leads to haiku hell…
    Also meant to say before(have been outside doing family bonding things like building igloos and trying to ensure I don’t break my neck on a sledge) hello to Denise and Library Girl, both of whom I meant to say hello to last time. Sorry about that!

  • Photo 2 haiku (based on what I can stand watching of Robin Hood — which isn’t much…):
    Ridiculous show
    If I just smolder enough
    No one will notice

  • stu-n

    Historical jobs;
    How accurate should I be?
    Not at all? That’s fine!

  • “Photo 2 haiku (based on what I can stand watching of Robin Hood — which isn’t much…):Ridiculous showIf I just smolder enoughNo one will notice”
    Historical jobs;How accurate should I be?Not at all? That’s fine!”
    I am the best
    Thing in it
    Who cares for history?