Inside the St David’s Hotel

St David's Hotel and Spa

It can’t have escaped many people’s attention but at a lot of British television is now being made in Cardiff, including Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who, Casualty (soon) and, of course, big chunks of S4C’s output, including the perennial Pobol Y Cwm.

Not many actors live in Cardiff, though, so where do they stay? The Beeb does have some flats on Cardiff Bay where it puts up actors, but a lot of the time, they end up in the St David’s Hotel and Spa (pictured above. Photo copyright to me. It’s mine.). And, at least one actor is known to take his (usually blonde) conquests there on occasion.

What’s it like inside? Lush, to be honest – and I’ve been there a few times now. But those of you living an inconvenient distance away from Cardiff or who live in Cardiff but have never worked up the courage to go in might well be wondering what it’s like inside – if only to plan your outfit and shoes to suit the decor, should you intend on being one of the aforementioned conquests.

Stop wondering – here’s Caerdydd to show you.

Iin an obvious attempt on my part to get more people watching Caerdydd on S4C, here are a couple of admittedly quite dull scenes that show you both the outside and the inside of the hotel, as well as the inside of one of the rooms (one I’ve actually stayed in, which is quite spooky). The first features Alys Thomas as aspiring Welsh Assembly Member Lea Kennedy (whose character was involved in that great big controversy at the Senedd a while back) and the second features Siwan Morris (Skins, Mine All Mine) as the sighing Ceri, who’s been living up London way and is back for a party. Yes, the bloke in the hat in the first video does actually work there – he’s a nice guy, too.

Caerdydd is being repeated on Tuesdays at 10.02pm on S4C (Freesat: 104 in Wales, 120 outside Wales; Sky: 104 in Wales, 134 outside Wales; Virgin: 167 in Wales). Go and watch it, it’s a laugh, if only to listen to the controversially large number of borrowed English words in all the dialogue.