BFI offering free David Tennant film to members

David Tennant in Sweetnightgoodheart

No, honestly, I’m not making that headline up. If you’re a member of the BFI, you can now download for free David Tennant in Daniel Zeff’s Sweetnightgoodheart:

Our Valentine to BFI members, this delightfully bittersweet and wry comedy stars Doctor Who’s David Tennant as a less-than-straightforward man trying to split from his hardworking medic girlfriend (Kate Ashfield). Over a candlelit supper, his attempts are misinterpreted as a marriage proposal and the night spins wildly out of control as a host of friends and family descend to wish the happy couple well. Will he find it in his heart to do the right thing?

It’s only nine minutes long and 53MB in iPod format. Ooh, look at that would you, it appears that link is clickable by people other than me. Get it while you can without joining then!

If that stops working (or I’m simply deluded), it’s available for the rest of the month at least so you can sign up to join now and get it; but since previous free downloads are still available, by the looks of it, you’ll probably be able to join at an even later date and still be able to get it. Here’s a clip: