Robin Hood audio books (complete with Richard Armitage)

Gosh, that Big Finish sure does love an audio book range. Not content with the Companion Chronicles and the Stargate audio books, it’s now planning to release Robin Hood audio books, featuring cast members from the TV show. Here’s the press release. I’ve cleaned up some of the typos.

Big Finish is excited to announce a series of six talking books based on the BBC’s hit series Robin Hood. Designed to be hour-long one-voice productions, each story will be read by a member of the original television cast.

The BBC’s adaptation of the Robin Hood legend for its Saturday night drama slot has proven to be massively popular worldwide. With action and adventure galore, the series has revitalised the traditions of the story and opened it up for an entirely new young audience.

In an innovative move, Big Finish’s series of talking books will tie closely into the third year of the show, reflecting the themes, plots and characters of the season as it unfolds. Each story will be available on CD, or as a download from

Four actors from the series have lent their voices to the stories: Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood); Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne); Sam Troughton (Much) and David Harewood (Tuck) have all provided stunning performances that fans are sure to enjoy.

The first season of Big Finish’s Robin Hood talking books is as follows:

  • The Witchfinders, by Rebecca Levene. Read by Richard Armitage
  • The Tiger’s Tail, by Jonathan Clements. Read by Jonas Armstrong
  • Friendly Fire, by Trevor Baxendale. Read by David Harewood
  • The Dambusters, by Michael Abberton. Read by Sam Troughton
  • The Deer Hunters, by Jonathan Clements. Read by Sam Troughton
  • The Siege, by Simon Guerrier. Read by Richard Armitage

The first release will be available shortly after the first episode of Robin Hood’s third season airs on BBC1, but you can pre-order your copies now from

If you would like to be sent more details when they are available, please send an email to [email protected]