Quentin Crisp tribute evening

As you may have noticed from my December/January BFI highlights, the preview originally promised in November of An Englishman in New York – the sequel to The Naked Civil Servant – doesn’t seem to be happening. However, I just got a note that there will be at least a mini-preview in December:

Hello there!

Just saw your blog post about what’s happening at the BFI this December, and being sad that An Englishman in NY won’t be shown. Just thought I would let you know there will clips of this ITV drama shown at a Quentin Crisp Tribute evening here at Southbank Centre on the 13th of December! We’re only a couple of big brutalist buidlings down from the BFI!

More info here: http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/literature-spoken-word/productions/happy-crispmas-a-tribute-to-q-43377