Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures 2×9

The Temptation of Sarah Jane

It’s not just Father’s Day, it’s father and mother’s day over on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Let’s talk about it after the jump.

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Review: The Companion Chronicles 3×5 – Home Truths

Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Home Truths

How disconcerting. I thought they were going in Doctor order with these, but now we’ve skipped back to William Hartnell again. Wait a sec while I get my bearings.

Right. Whenever there’s a Doctor Who list-writing competition/meme (and these do happen very, very, very often), one of the lists is invariably "shortest-lasting companion", with the challenge being to identify who counts as a companion: anyone who travels in the TARDIS? Anyone in two or more consecutive stories who travels in the TARDIS? It all starts to become a bit tricky, when you consider that Liz Shaw, for example, never actually travelled in the TARDIS yet is undoubtedly a companion.

Fellow competitors in the ‘tricky’ stakes are first Doctor companions Katarina (Trojan priestess) and Sara Kingdom (future secret agent), both of whom pop up around the time of The Dalek Masterplan then promptly cark it after a minimal number of episodes in said story.

Which makes a Sara Kingdom Companion Chronicle an even trickier prospect for Big Finish. How exactly can you get Sara Kingdom to start recounting a tale of her life with the Doctor when she meets him and dies in the same adventure?

Sounds like a bit of a ghost story. Gather round, everyone…

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