December at the BFI

Time for our regular round-up of tele events at the BFI.

  • 14th: The return of the yearly "Missing Believed Wiped" season. This features some of the first exhibits from Bob Monkhouse’s vast TV and film collection, and some BBC recoveries. Bob’s lot includes The Flip Side, an episode of My Pal Bob, some Top of the Pops and John Osborne in Chelsea at Eight. The Beeb’s efforts includes trailers for some 60s shows, a programme that’s gone through the Beeb’s new colourisation process designed to recover colour programmes from B&W-only recordings (Doctor Who or Year of the Sex Olympics, maybe?), and an episode from a 1950s classics-adaptation. 
  • 17th: Episodes of The Goon Show: The Whistling Spy, Tales of Men’s Shirts and The Last Goon Show of All. Part of the "Enduring Talents" season.
  • 22nd: To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the show, a collection of clips, rare footage, etc from Dad’s Army. Part of the "Enduring Talents" season.

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Despite promises in last month’s catalogue, it looks like An Englishman in New York isn’t in the programme this month; it’s probably a last minute removal, since it’s listed in the index under both "John Hurt in conversation" and "An Englishman in New York" and the front page talks about an "In focus" dedicated to TV literary adaptations. Fingers crossed for next month, then.

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details