November at the BFI

Time for our regular round-up of tele events at the BFI. No TV season in November but there are isolated pockets of TV-ness to be enjoyed

  • 3rd: Sir David Attenborough in conversation. Preceded by episodes of Life on Earth and Life in the Undergrowth
  • 30th: The Naked Civil Servant. Next month will feature a preview of An Englishman in New York

Members’ priority postal booking opens 29 September
Members’ online and phone booking opens 6 October
Public booking opens 10 October

There’s also a bit of a Play for Today theme this month. Every Saturday and Sunday, the Studio will be holding free, 47 minute performances of some of the best bits from plays such as Mike Leigh’s Nuts in May and Jack Rosenthal’s Bar Mitzvah Boy. And the Mediatheque has a few additions to its existing library of plays, including David Hare’s Dreams of Leaving, starring a young Bill Nighy.

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details