Heroes 3×4 – I am Become Death

In what’s likely to become a weekly, "Hang on but…?" brief look at the current US episode of Heroes (UK fans can join in in about a fortnight and a day, or maybe less if they have BBC3 – it’s simultaneous broadcasting, the BBC way), I have a think about various things that puzzled me this week. Perhaps you can help? At the very least, we might be able to come up with a title for the feature.

Join you after the jump.

Ali Larter as Tracy Strauss

So quite a fun episode, with some decent action, but one that was probably a little too complicated for some people, judging by The Watcher this week. All the same, lots of "hang on…" moments:

  1. How exactly did everyone escape from the exploding Sylar? Peter can’t regenerate from a bullet to the head, but he can regenerate from a megaton-strength nuclear explosion? Daphne had to run but couldn’t make it out quickly enough, yet how did Marlo from The Wire survive?
  2. If Claire regenerated herself to safety after being vaporised, was her priority to dye her hair or is she not naturally blonde?
  3. So Peter has the hunger. Does he only get the hunger when he tries to understand things?
  4. Who’s little Noah’s mummy? And maybe daddy?
  5. Niki, Tracy and was that "Ba Ba"? What were their parents – elephants? Or was it Barbara? Sounded more like Ba Ba to me.
  6. How come Dr Zimmerman recognised Tracy if she and her sisters are triplets – ie he’s never met them in real life? It’s clear from last episode that he’s probably never met Ba Ba before. Are they identical copies of their mom as well? Or is there just a strong family resemblance (I missed the photos)?
  7. How come the mighty formula gives just about everyone in the future flying powers?
  8. Was Tracy’s first priority before committing suicide to treat herself to a visit to the hair salon? And has she borrowed Jessica’s wardrobe?
  9. And why is she not more upset that one of her newly found sisters is dead? Or happier that she has another sister somewhere else?
  10. Why is Mohinder the fly?

Can anyone help?

PS How about "Hang on?" as a name for the feature?