A new meme gets passed on

Everyone’s doing sterling work over on Monday’s meme: the voice of the people is pretty clear and it appears to be saying, “Steven Moffat is top!” The only debate appears to be over which of his episodes are topper than the others.

Toby, meanwhile, has started up a counter-meme in response. He wants to know which three of nu-Who‘s guest stars have been the best. I’m guessing people like Lis Sladen and Catherine Tate don’t count once they’ve become regular cast members on the main show or its spin-offs (Tobes: help me out here!). Ditto the Torchwood crowd.

Anyway, mine are:

  1. Bernard Cribbins (for just being brilliant),
  2. Julian Bleach (for being creepy enough to be Davros and doing a brilliant impression of the previous Davroses) and
  3. John Simm (I’m not saying it was a subtle performance, only that it was the equal of David Tennant’s, which is what you need from The Master).

As always, leave your own list on your own blog and a link on Tobe’s blog or just post straight to Tobe’s comments. And you can leave a link to yours here, too, if you want.

PS Toby suggests MINErs as a collective name for anyone who comments here regularly. Is this apt and should it be officially adopted? Do any of the assembled Welsh here feel upset at the suggestion they’re miners (cf that Pot Noodle ad)?